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Two Parts Batman

Two pretty significant bits of Batman-themed news dropped yesterday.  I’m going to start with the easy one.


I’m not keen – it looks like an ‘edgy’ cosplay pic – but I’m not a huge fan of DC’s recent movie output either, so I’m pretty biased.  Jared Leto is a very capable actor and providing I’m sure he’s got the skills to pull something really interesting out of the bag, just like Heath Ledger did. I’m willing to be surprised though; something like Suicide Squad might work a lot better in the new, gritty DC movie-verse than Superman.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race

(via Comic Alliance)

This one is much more problematic.  Just the title alone is really, reeeeaaaally bad. Imagine for a moment that you’d never heard of Frank Miller or watched him slide further and further to the right.  Imagine he’d never revised history for an anti-gay flourish, imagine he hadn’t made a comic where a knock-off Batman beat up brown people, imagine that he hadn’t made a comic where men are men and women are all liars or sex workers of some description. Even in this world, where Miller has a clean slate, evoking the catchphrase of the professional racist is enough to raise a few eyebrows.

I won’t deny that Miller has done some amazing work in the past, but it seems like his best days are behind him. This is the guy who came up with the oft-parodied “I’m the Goddamn Batman” line, after all. I’m hoping that co-writer Brian Azzarello will keep Miller on an even keel, but as the song says, there may be trouble ahead.

Mainstream comics are making some really good strides to being more inclusive and welcoming to people outside the traditional audiences and I’m not sure Miller really fits in that narrative.  Not that every comic creator has to, of course, but this is about as high-profile as comics get. It’s troubling to see that DC seems to be happy to trade the progress that it’s made for a (semi) bankable name on a questionable title.