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Hmm, A New Mad Max, You Say?

I’ve not really paying attention to the new Mad Max: I knew it was on the way, but I had no idea that it was due in (literally) a couple of weeks.

Having watched all the trailers – because, of course I did – I get the feeling that the film was inspired by 30 years of media inspired by the original Mad Max films.

That’s not a bad thing though; it looks like it could be a fun movie and the absence of Mel Gibson is definitely a bonus.


(Fisher)Man of Steel

The first teaser trailer for Man of Steel, the Superman reboot, has hit the web. As teasers go, it’s not really rocking my world; Christopher Nolan’s influence is coming through a little too strongly for my tastes and I don’t think he’s a great fit for Superman.  Batman, sure, but not Superman.  It doesn’t help either that this trailer feels a lot like the part in Batman Begins where Bruce is in China trying to find himself.  You half expect Liam Neeson to pop out and invite him to join the League of Shadows.

It always feels like a mistake to try and make Superman dark.  When a hero dresses in primary colours and can punch a mountain in half, trying to make him edgy just seems silly.  An “edgy” Superman could defeat Lex Luthor by squashing him into paste, and there would be nothing that Luthor could do about it – no amount of Kryptonite is going to protect you from a truck falling on you from a mile up.

But, as I said in my last post, it’s very easy to complain about stuff, so in the interest of being less of a complaining chatter-ninny, I was firstly say that I think that Zak Snyder is a pretty good choice to direct as he does very well with bright colours and action.  Not so well with the script writing, but you can’t be good at everything.  I will also say how I would have done it differently.

1.  Lose the Fishing: Not from the movie entirely, just from the trailer.  You don’t have a lot of time to mess around in a teaser trailer and the Deadliest Catch stuff isn’t – at least I assume it isn’t – representative of how the movie will be.

2. More Kid in Cape: The kid in the cape is a great touch because it shows us Superman without actually showing us Superman.  A short shot to establish that the kid is Clark would have been good.  Maybe a shot of a farm or something.  Nothing obvious, like him lifting a car over his head, but just enough to establish that this is the man who will become out hero.

3. A More Obvious Money Shot: That sounds dirtier than it is.  The shot of Superman in the clouds isn’t bad or anything, it’s just that the man himself is really hard to make out.  What I would have done is used the image of the backlit kid with his cape billowing and cut to a later image to the now adult Clark in the same pose.  Still backlit, and not showing too much off, but just enough to get the audience going.1

4. Change the Titles: That’s a very bleak looking font, and when I think of Superman I don’t think “bleak.”

  1. This is probably one of those things that is easier said than done.  I understand that the cape for the movie will be CGI, and if the movie isn’t due for another year, that work likely hasn’t been done yet.  Still, this is an “ideal world” kind of list.